When kicking off a brand refresh or a website redesign, clients are likely to approach web designers with a bunch of ideas, requesting each new trend they have seen in the past years, from hamburger menu to parallax scrolling. The difficulty is embracing a new trend is not a one-size-fits-all approach.

For each project our web design agency takes on, we critically analyze the brand and its goals and spend decent time to strategize what new trend and technology would be the right fit.

Driven by the pattern of users and the increase of mobile usage, web designers, web developers and digital marketing agencies will be on their toes in 2017 to discover which digital marketing pattern is best to implement in order to optimize and maintain the best web environment. Here is a look at a some of the web design trends to make yourself familiarize with this year and the year ahead:

Mapping Of the Journey

As the saying continues, “it is not the destination, it is the journey.” Unless you have an effective mapped-out route to a destination, reaching there may result in a dead-end. Journey mapping of your customers allows a better user experience by helping to anticipate and understand the turns and twists customers come across when interacting with your business website.

It’s important to identify a set of users and business goals and then creating the navigation of your website, discover how the uses will get there considering different types of users and their emotions. There’s no one-way to map the journey, create a sketch in a paper, whiteboard or storyboard and get creative. Creating a framework for your website will uncover the easiest path to creating the best web experience for your website visitors.

Website Scrolling

Scrolling of the website “above the fold” is dead officially. Considering mobile users preference, the longer scrolls are now widely accepted. A long scroll page is now offering easy to use navigation on a single page and is even more fascinating to web designers and customers, as it is a way to bring a strong immersive user experience design right from the beginning. Many old websites that were static, leading to many internal pages to provide the information, are now providing the best experience with the web page scrolling, resulting in a more easy to use conversion driven web site.

Website Based on Images

A picture can tell thousand words, and with website users, ability to create best high-end photography through social media channels like Instagram and the advanced features of handled technology, primary imagery will not cut it. Making still another case of easy to use design, in place of content, web sites will be using more experiential images.

Yes, a description and content for the website is needed, however it will be reduced to the most needed verbiage. In particular hotels, guesthouses, lawyers, yacht charters, food importers and exporters and tourism industries in Seychelles, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Cyprus, Austria and Italy have recently chosen this trend, applying immersive and trend based images that is suitable to their vision, allowing the customers to better imagine themselves experiencing the products and services.

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