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A visually appealing logo and branding can make or break a business. Ensure yours is designed for success.

Right message, right brand and right design are the key to create a recognizable, successful brand. A professional looking logo design and brand identity can establish trust with potential clients and will ensure that your business is remembered.

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Logo Design & Branding for SME's

Creative & professional logo design & branding services for corporate houses, startups & entrepreneurs

We help and assist our clients standing apart from their competition with creative, custom logo design, business card design, corporate identity and branding services. Our team of professional logo and graphic designers ensures that your business logo, branding and corporate identity is created to impress potential clients while reinforcing your bottom line.

All industries experience changes in style and trend based on whatever is favored during a certain time period. This can be seen very clearly through a company’s branding and logo and how it unfolds throughout its history. Our custom logo designers can give the face of your brand a creative and inspiring look and show your customers that you stay ahead with the changes in your industry.

We provide custom, creative logo design services to clients in Seychelles and across the world. Contact us today to discuss your project or request a call back.

Logo Design Process


Our logo designers will thoroughly research the meaning of the word used to outline your business and ideal logo for inspiration and then start sketching illustrations that are illustrative of what and how you want the design to represent your business.


Our team of creative logo designers carefully selects the color combination of your business logo considering the messages your brand wants to communicate with your target audience and to make your logo fully coming to life.


Your business logo design starts with the exploratory phase, where our creative logo designers will provide you with 3 different logo design options in an attempt to obtain a stronger understanding of what kind of logo design you like and dislike.

Internal Review

When your business logo design is ready, our professional logo designers presents them to our entire team for feedback and extra set of eyes, ensuring the logo design created is tailored to the culture of your brand and meet the highest standard of quality.

Client Presentation

Our custom logo designers will put together a logo design presentation for your team and you displaying the 3 design options they have created for your brand so that you are able to make sure that everything is perfect aesthetically.

Final Logo

Our team of creative logo designers will work seemingly with you so that all of your requirements are met and the final logo design serves as an ideal demonstration of all that your business branding endeavors to represent.

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