Cable & Wireless Seychelles

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Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS) provides various broadband and internet services including wireless internet for businesses, IP video conferencing, 3G+ mobile network, mobile wireless gadgets and mobile internet connections etc.



Cable & Wireless Seychelles hired MAC Design Inc. to strengthen their market position, consumer engagement, digital offerings and increase conversion rate with highly qualified traffic. MAC Design Inc. was able to accomplish all of these goals with pay per click marketing and social media marketing services.


We are running a complete digital marketing campaign including SEO, Digital Branding, Social Media Marketing, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads in targeted country (Seychelles) to increase brand awareness and sales of Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS).

The digital marketing experts and consultants at MAC Design Inc. are running a geo targeted campaign to identify potential new clients and reach new customers and market for Cable & Wireless Seychelles (CWS). Within 2 weeks of starting the digital marketing campaign, CWS ranking on search engines, potential enquires and sales has increased threefold.


Increased visitors by 20.77%

Increased new users by 33.70%

Responsive Website Design & Development

Increased website new session by 27.63%

Services Provided

Digital Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Content Marketing

From The Client

“MAC Design Inc. is an ideal digital marketing agency to work with.

Not only the team is highly knowledgeable about digital strategy and best online marketing practices, they are a joy to work with. They always stay one step ahead of their clients’ needs and can anticipate how to strategically achieve all of their business objectives and goals. ”

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