Have you heard stories of people who hired web design companies to design and develop their website and either got poorly designed websites or the web designer ran away with the money? Or what about the small and medium business owners who hired their friends/nephew/relative to design their website for free, and the results were disastrous.

As a small business digital marketing specialist, I have heard these stories several times and I go back and forth between feeling really angry and heartbroken on behalf of my clients, for what they have undergone before finally seeking help. That’s why I decided to write this article on website for small business in Seychelles. I am going to share some best tips for hiring a web design companies.

When you choose a web design firm, your job as a customer is to ensure that your web agency has the correct components and the answers to all your questions before you decide to work with them. Here are things to look for, and also few red flags to watch out for:

Look For The Real Business

Your web design company should be a real business, this does not imperatively mean that need a big overhead and office. What it means, however, is that you should possibly avoid hiring your friends, family members and someone “you know from church” as your web designer. You need a strong business relationship with your web design team for several reasons, so that you can be very comfortable discussing the price and negotiating, providing critical and honest feedback and being straightforward if you are ever unhappy with your web designer work.

Do not be afraid to ask for few references. You should be easily able to get few of their clients contact details including names and numbers so you can speak to real people and get a strong feel for what it is like to work with this web design team.

Look At Their Website

Your web design or digital marketing agency should have a professional website, a good one. It does not necessarily have to be designed in a style that you prefer, but technically speaking, it should have all the components necessary for a good website. Do not let any web design agency to tell you that they have been so busy working with their client’s that they have not got a chance to design their own website. If they don’t know the importance of a strong website for their business, they probably should not be designing a website for your business.

In addition, you should be seeing a portfolio of their past work and it should be easily accessible on their website. Most of their portfolio websites should still be live. However, if you find some sites that have changed or no longer available, don’t necessarily hold that against the web design company. In this economy, many companies are changing or even going out of the businesses left and right. Also, companies often redesign their website to keep up with the moving and changing environment and they may or may not work with the same web designer to do it.

Need Assistance:

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