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3 Best Digital Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

3 Best Digital Marketing Guide For Small Businesses

We face many challenges as a small business owners, too many of them to elaborate in this blog. One challenge that grabbed my…
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top 4 tips for designing a professional law firm website MAC Design Inc. Seychelles South Africa Mauritius

Top 4 Tips for Designing a Professional Law Firm Website

Your law firm website is your identity and if you really want to maximize your potential, you need to consider investing in quality…
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On page SEO best practices for small business owner by MAC Design Inc. Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius

On Page SEO, Search Engine Optimization Best Practices for Small Business Owners

For people looking for information, product and services, search engines have become one of the core resources. Over the past few years, internet…
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Top 4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses-MAC Design Inc, Seychelles, South Africa and Mauritius

Top 4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Businesses

Social media was regarded by some professionals as a passing fad few years ago. Something that was useful only for the kids and…
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Top 7 reasons why you need a website for your business – MAC Design Inc. Seychelles, South Africa and Mauritius

Infographic – Top 7 Reason Why You Need A Website For Your Business

When I started my own business few years ago, the first thing that came in my mind was “I need to have a…
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why do i need a website design for my small business by MAC Design Inc. Seychelles

Why Do I Need a Website For My Business – Here Are Top 10 Reasons

“Why” was also asked by Steve Jobs. Every single operation within his organization was challenged by him. Everyone, from accounting team to engineers,…
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5 questions to ask before hiring a law firm web-designer in Seychelles, South Africa and Mauritius

5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Law Firm Web Design Company

Before hiring a web design company for your law firm, do not get trapped by your web designer by: 1- Signing a long…
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Social media marketing services in Seychelles South Africa Mauritius - MAC-Design-Inc.

Infographic: Amazing Facts and Statistics of Social Media Growth and Statistics in 2016

One of the expound fact currently changing the world as we know it is the easy accessibility worldwide to the internet. The favorite…
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Internet, Websites and Social Media Usage in Seychelles

Nearly two thirds of world population (65%) uses social media websites, up from 8% when Pew Research Center started systematically tracking social media…
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Best law firm website design company Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius-MAC Design Inc.

Top 4 Features of Great Law Firm Website Design

Over the previous 8 years, MAC Design Inc. has constructed and designed dozens of sites for law firms, lawyers and attorneys, small and…
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