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Le Duc de Praslin Villa’s Website Design Launch by MAC Design Inc.

MAC Design Inc. (A full service web design and digital marketing agency) launched a new website for Le Duc de Villa’s Praslin, Seychelles…
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Best Tips to Hire The Website Designer For Your Small Business

You are finally ready to go digital: It is time to get a web site for your small and medium business, or to…
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Web Design Trend For 2017

When kicking off a brand refresh or a website redesign, clients are likely to approach web designers with a bunch of ideas, requesting…
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Best Website Design Company Seychelles, India, Malta, Italy, Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark

6 Reasons Why You Might Need a New Business Website

There are several things that get better with age like gold, wine etc., but obviously a website is not one of it. As…
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5 Essential Things You Need To Add To Your 2017 Digital Marketing Plan

With the expectations of instant communication and evolving world of artificial intelligence, companies are planning their marketing strategy to stay updated with the…
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5-Important-Web -Design-Best-Practices-and-Tips-for-Small-Business-Websites-MAC-Design-Inc

5 Important Web Design Best Practices and Tips for Small Business Websites

Online marketing is one of the best opportunities a small business owners is having. It provides them an opportunity to expand their scope…
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La Digue Island Lodge Website Design Launch by MAC Design Inc.

MAC Design Inc. (A full service website design and digital marketing agency) today announced the launch of the newly redesigned website of La…
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4 Steps to Build the Brand for Your Business On a Budget

In any kind of marketing, the word ‘brand’ is the most common word, off brand, personal brand, the leading brand – you get…
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3 ways to increase website visibility - digital marketing agency Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius

3 Steps To Make Your Business Shine Online and Increase Visibility

It has become difficult than ever to get your position on the web. Searches for your business name, products or services do not…
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How To Hire a Web Design Company in Seychelles

Have you heard stories of people who hired web design companies to design and develop their website and either got poorly designed websites…
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