Best Tips to Hire The Website Designer For Your Small Business

You are finally ready to go digital: It is time to get a web site for your small and medium business, or to get a major revamp of your old website.

And so….. now what’s next?

Let’s think you have already solved the first problem. You know you need a website created for your business. You do not have time to become a professional website designer. Neither do majority of your peers. According to the State of Small Business Report, 54% of small and medium businesses outsource website design, digital marketing and graphic design.

But that is just the first of several issues. For example, what do you prefer to have done? Where will you find the best website design company? Who will provide affordable yet professional website design? How much will you have to pay? And where will you find the reviews of the web design agency you choose to work with?

You might have all these questions before hiring a web designing company, here is the answers:

What Do You Prefer To Have Done?

Understanding the scope of your website design project helps you figure out what a sensible budget should be. It is also difficult for choosing which web design agency or web designer to hire. For example, if you are a really small business serving clients locally, you might only need a small five to six page website. The following pages may be enough:

  1. Home Page
  2. About Us Page
  3. Our Services Page
  4. Testimonial Page
  5. Contact Us Page
  6. May be Pricing Page

That is one great website, however if you are just starting out your business and you don’t really have a large budget, it is a great step to start the business.

Perhaps you might already have a basic website like that, but it is outdated and not responsive (mobile friendly). For instance, you want to add a simple blog, give the whole website a fresh new look and add a couple more product or service pages.

Write down whatever piece of information you want for your small business website, think about all these details for a bit, ask your peers or employees what they think about your ideas for the website design or even better ask couple of your customers what they would like to see on your website.

From all of those inputs, make a short list of must-have and must-do things. Try to be very specific about what you want done on your business website, you are primarily writing what you want your web designer to do.

Note: It is absolutely ok to “steal” things you like from other sites for your own website.

Find Websites That You Really Like

Would you like to assure your business success even more? Spend some time looking through some of the best websites that are similar to yours or may be your competitor’s websites.

Make notes in detail about what you like in these websites. Look at the contact page you like, the color combination you want to use, the look and feel of the website you like and make a note of it all and save the link.

You will be capturing actionable, concrete pieces of information for your website designer as you do this. It will shorten the time it takes to create your business website and thus helps in reducing the cost. It is also one of the best ways to build a website you and your customers really like.

Need Assistance?

In a digital era, first impressions are essential and a professional website design is the main key to success. People enjoy visiting websites that are easy to navigate and visually stunning. Let our professional web designing company help your website make an excellent first impression with accessibility and speed. Contact us today for a free consultation and no obligation quote.

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