There are several things that get better with age like gold, wine etc., but obviously a website is not one of it. As a business owner whether small, medium or large it is the responsibility of the entrepreneur to stay updated with the changing preferences of the online community. The original design might be the best for you but there are certain things that need to be changed to grow.

In an old website, old content may put off the visitors down which means low conversion rate of prospects and poor ranking. That’s why it is important to look after the signs of your aging website and make the necessary changes timely and regularly. There are many reasons to redesign your website and incase if you don’t have the resources and team in-house, there are professional web design companies’ who can offer you best website design services and make your website current and updated.

Here are top 6 reasons why you might need a new website for your business:

1- You’re not getting the desired results:

Getting results from a website means engaging and optimizing your website towards business goals. When a visitor lands on your website, it is important to give them a professional tour of your business and showcase products and services effectively. It is essential to examine the conversion rate as it can provide you a better idea of what to redesign and implement on your current website.

2- Business goals have changed:

Business goals of most of the companies change over time and your website must support these changes. It is not mandatory to redesign the entire site every time you establish your marketing goals, but it is a good idea to change it often to make sure that the new site is aligned with the changes. Website being a part of business must evolve with the growing business and progressing technology.

3- If your website is not mobile-friendly:

While accessing information on mobile devices, people have different mindset and different needs. Mobile users expect everything very easily and quickly. According to a survey, 4 out of 5 consumers in Seychelles, Malta, Cyprus, Sweden, Denmark and Finland use their smartphones for research and shopping. A potential customer might be lost if the website is not user-friendly. So it is vital to have an optimized website for mobile devices and to include some mobile intelligent features into the website.

4- Outdated content:

If the search engine rankings of the your website have gradually gone down, it could be because of many reasons like older SEO. Fantastic content can lead to improvement in anything from customer retention to search engine ranking. And it is required to implement a solid content plan with continuing changes of search engines. SEO will stop indexing the website if it finds that the content is not up-to-date. Apart from website designing services, there are some professional web design agencies that offers you content strategy to market your site.

5- If the website is slow:

The visitors on the website are progressing beyond expectations and the same quick pace is expected to be present on the website. Half of the people exit the website, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

6- No visual appeal:

A website is a reflection of a company or business. Research shows that a few seconds are enough to get the users attention and to deliver the information in order to engage them. A website, as well as, organization looks credible and authoritative, if all relevant information has been put together and it looks professional. All information should be reflected with a harmonious content and consistent layout.

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