5 Essential Things You Need To Add To Your 2017 Digital Marketing Plan

With the expectations of instant communication and evolving world of artificial intelligence, companies are planning their marketing strategy to stay updated with the market trends. There is always a lot to learn from the previous year strategy as to what worked out and what didn’t.  Industry innovation is an essential practice to stay aloof from the competition and to future proof digital marketing performance. With the limited resources and scarcity of time in a small business budget, it is difficult to build a marketing plan as per the changing scenario. There are many digital marketing companies that render services in such situation and helps in getting an effective plan.

Thus it is always better to choose few digital marketing best practices rather than doing it all. Few of the marketing trends that stay on the top of the list in 2017 Marketing Strategy are as below:

1.    Marketing Automation:

This is an innovative solution to save time and resources by doing automation of repetitive tasks. But there needs to be an expertise available to utilize it otherwise, it can be an expensive venture. Under this concept, the website, social media and email campaigns are integrated with other lead generation initiative. There is always requirement in the company to generate leads for sales to increase revenue. Marketing automation helps in this by using number of marketing channels and automates the tasks.

2.    Mobile Marketing:

Google has already stated mobile as an important ranking factor. Thus the mobile friendly website and applications have gain significance in recent years. Every year, Google search has been made extensively and half of it is done using mobile. With the help of expanded text ads, Adwords are gaining importance and is about to become first advertising platform on mobile.

Everything done on a website, from content creation to display ads, it is necessary to incorporate mobile standards. You can always consider working with a digital marketing agency if you are low in resources as the digital marketing company can really help in boosting the sales of your products and services with the help of latest digital marketing campaigns.

3.    Video Marketing:

50% of organizations include video in their marketing plan. The craze of video marketing will only grow in coming years. Video has a potential to convey the brand stories to the audience in a convincing way. Almost all the digital marketers while providing internet marketing services try to incorporate instructional videos for the target audience.

4.    Quality Content:

Anything posted on social media has to be a part of a thoughtful marketing plan. There will be a larger appetite for quality content in 2017 as social media also only favors relevant content. The customers are always looking for a unique, fresh approach to their problem and thus a customized experience is to be created to speak to the audience.

The realistic goals can be established and documented through an effective digital marketing plan. Internet now consumes more content and less advertising.

5.    Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Due to the search engine algorithms getting more complicated, it is important to get your website fully optimized for search. The latest SEO practices are required to be introduced to your small and medium business apart from optimizing page content, title and descriptions. Your online marketing services provider can take care of the technical SEO aspects of your website as well to get effective results out of your digital marketing strategy. Here are some best SEO practices for small business owners.

Many countries are effectively working on the concept of digital marketing and getting it included in all their platforms. Recently, Seychelles Tourism Board arranged a digital marketing campaign for two days and a workshop on social media for its partners. There are companies that has even expanded their business and reached potential customers beyond their region. No matter whether you are based in Seychelles or Malta, Cyprus or Sweden, Denmark or Finland, with the social media and digital marketing horizon , you can see the impact of your brand revolution.

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