4 Steps to Build the Brand for Your Business On a Budget

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In any kind of marketing, the word ‘brand’ is the most common word, off brand, personal brand, the leading brand – you get the pictures.

However, in business there is often confusion around the meaning of branding. What does it involve? Do I need to hire a digital marketing expert? Is branding and digital marketing expensive?

Well, without a ton of cash, there are many pretty creative methods to brand your business and reach your target audience. And though it requires a good investment of time, the return-on-investment will not go unnoticed, it may actually help you save money in some cases.

To see how you can start building a brand today, read on….

1- Know your Buyers Persona

It’s not a coincidence that 72% of businesses with better value propositions use buyer-persona, the semi-imaginary ‘characters’ that surround the qualities of who you are trying to reach.

The behavior, goals and needs of your prospective clients dictate how you present your products and services. Understanding of buyer’s persona helps you decided what kind of digital media your target clients are using, where they live online and what motivates them. You can see why having their information helps create an effective and compelling brand. It helps you reach the right customers.

2- Create a Voice and an Identity

Once you have indentified the buyers-personas, your brand can easily start to take shape. That involves creating a digital marketing strategy and brand identity. the things that will make your buyers aware of your brand and its voice, which could be the tome you use in public communication or any other copy.

3- Have a Consistency in Social Media Presence

So now you know who your personas are and know what and how to present your products and services to the, but where are they?

It is essential to find out where they are spending most of the time, especially on social media since you might have the clear-picture of the different types of your customers.

You may check out Demographics of Social Media Users by Pew Research Center which will give the users insights of five major social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram.

Check out the data closely. May be majority of your customers spend most of the time on one of these networks. While that does not mean you ignore other social media networks, it certainly gives you an idea of where to spend and dedicate most of the resources.

4- Have a Blog

We have talked about the importance of having a blog several times and we really can’t highlight it enough. It is one of the core parts of our digital marketing, especially the ‘attracting stage’, where strangers turn visitors to your web site.

In fact, having a blog is one of the most fundamental steps of digital marketing. It really helps you reach your targeted customers by creating the piece of information that matches the query they are looking for. That is why it is very important to make it relevant to your target audiences. When you are creating informative content, ensure that it is optimized for those searches. You may consider working with the search engine optimization (SEO) consultants.

Get Branding

Creating a brand might look like a huge undertaking, especially when we have limited resources. But as we have seen, there are several economical ways to get started with your branding and digital marketing.

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