3 Steps To Make Your Business Shine Online and Increase Visibility

3 ways to increase website visibility - digital marketing agency Seychelles, South Africa, Mauritius

It has become difficult than ever to get your position on the web. Searches for your business name, products or services do not always lead to your web site. Many companies with alike names and domain names, along with similar products and services often hit your business to the top of Google search results.

Submitting your website to Google and managing it on your own are best first steps, but they are not enough. In this blog, I have explained how to increase your presence online and on a third party sites so that your customers can find you easily on the internet when they come looking for your products and services.

1- Build Up Your Business Website

Today, a one page website is not enough, it is equal to running an ad in bird-seed type in the magazine and Yellow pages. If you know precisely what you are looking for, you can find it however most shoppers are likely to skip right past you.

Luckily, the 1st key to standing out involves a strategy that lies entirely within your control, setting up the size of your website. Though Google’s search algorithms are not public, websites with more pages are likely to tank higher in the result of search engines. Google and other search engines also provide more real estate and links to web pages that have a deeper and stronger page structure.

2- Increase Your Social Media Visibility

You don’t necessarily have to be involved in the intricacies of Facebook or Twitter to promote your products and services. Simply having accounts on these channels and keeping them active is the key to increase your visibility to search engines and users of the network.

Naturally, the only way to increase visibility on Facebook and Twitter is by actively posting and tweeting. And the more often you post a piece of information, the more visible you will become. Create business accounts on (at a minimum) Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. Pinterest and Instagram is another good option, but they are specific and useful for few businesses.

When you create your accounts on social media, don’t make it too fancy. Use logos and images of your brand consistently and ensure that all contact information, capitalization style and spelling remain the same across each channel. Each and every piece of information should link back to your website homepage as often as possible. When you choose the username of your account, make sure that you include the name of your business (for example, @David_Henry_Law_Office_Seychelles or @Christopher_Carberry_Hotel_South Africa or @Martin_Morel_Corporate_Services_Mauritiues). Also pay attention to keywords as they will increase your visibility on these networks. If you have no idea about creating a business profile on social media channels, you can consider hiring an internet marketing or social media marketing agency.

3- Add Your Business Listing on Yelp

Adding your business on Yelp listings perform exceptionally well in Google, Bing and Yahoo search results. So if your business has an office or a retail store or on site service, ensure that you claim your Yelp listing and it is up to date and accurate. The reviews you can seek, the better your business ranking on Google will increase.

The rules guiding what kinds of business can list on Yelp directory are pretty simple. Even Yelp itself has a listing on Yelp. So if you are thinking whether you should be submitting your business on Yelp, give it a try and see the results. A well created listing on Yelp can greatly boost your visibility online. You may consider hiring a digital marketing agency or consultants to help you boost your business visibility online.

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